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Scenes where we saw them...

All the scenes are in Japan unless otherwise specified.
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Suginami, Tokyo (Nov.) [1][2] Mishima island, Yamaguchi (Apr.) [1][2][3] Hitoyoshi Area, Kumamoto (May)

Kujû, Oita (May) Aso, Kumamoto (May) Kôchi (May)

Okinawa Hontô (July) Iheya Island, Okinawa (July) North-Western Thailand (Aug) [1][2][3]

Doi Inthanon, Thailand (Aug) Krabi Province, Thailand[1][2][3] (Sep.) Trang Province, Thailand (Sep.)

Banzu Marsh, Chiba (Dec.)


Tomakomai, Hokkaido (Feb) Komoro, Nagano (Apr) Okumusashi, Saitama (Apr)

Shikoku Karst, Ehime (May) [1][2] Cape Sadamisaki, Ehime (May) Ashiu, Kyôto (May-June)

Hacchô-daira, Kyôto (June) Ura-Takao, Tokyo (June) O'ahu Island, Hawai'i (July)

Hawai'i Island, Hawaii [1][2] (July) Loango NP, Gabon [1][2] (Aug.) Ivindo NP, Gabon[1][2] (Aug.)

La Lopé, Gabon (Sep.)[1][2] Libreville, Gabon [1][2] (Sep.) Paris, France [1][2] (Sep.)

Kaohsiung, Taiwan (Oct.) Penghu Islands, Taiwan [1][2][3] (Nov.) Ehime, Matsuyama (Nov.)

Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi (Nov.) Hakata Bay, Fukuoka [1][2] (Nov.)

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