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"plants and fungi" sector is divided into 25 exhibition rooms according to location.
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Hokkaido Tohoku Kanto map

Tokyo(Apr.) Tokyo(May) Tokyo(Jun.) Tokyo(7-3)

Chubu(1) Chubu(2) Chubu(3) Chubu(4)

Kinki Chûgoku Shikoku Kyûshû

Okinawa Taiwan

Pla. Malaysia(1) Pla. Malaysia(2) Sabah NT Australia

Tahiti W.Australia(1) W.Australia(2) W.Australia(3)

Bhutan(1) Bhutan(2) Europe(1) Pyrénées

Suriname (1) Suriname (2)

Exhibition rooms in this sector :

Japan & Fareast Asia : Hokkaido | Tohoku | Kanto | Tokyo(Apr) | Tokyo(May) | Tokyo(Jun.) | Tokyo(Jul.-Mar.) | Chubu(1) | Chubu(2) | Chubu(3) | Chubu(4) | Kinki | Okinawa
Southeast Asia : Peninsula Malaysia(1) | Pla. Malaysia(2) | Borneo | NT Australia
Oceania & Pacific : Tahiti | WA Australia(1) | WA Australia(2) || WA Australia(3)
South Asia : Bhutan(1) | Bhutan(2)
Europe : Europe | Pyrénées
South America : Suriname(1) | Suriname(2)

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