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Fungi, Plants and Flowers found in Pyrénées
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all the pictures were taken in September, 2001.

Gentiane Ciliée, or Gentianella ciliata. Unidentified. photo: Gavarnie.
Safran des Prés, Inu-Safuran or Colchicum autumnale. photo: Vallée d'Ansabère.

Scabieuse Luisante or Scabiosa lucida. photo: Gavarnie. Aconit napel, Seiyo-Torikabuto or Aconitum napellus. photo: Gavarnie. Ancolie or Aquilegia atrata, possibly. photo: Gavarnie.

Renoncule des Montagnes, Mountain Buttercup or Ranunculus montanus. Unidenfitied (galls). photo: Vallée d'Ansabère. Eyebright, Euphraise Vulgaire or Euphrasia rostkoviana. photo: Gavarnie.

Carline Acaule, Carline Thistle, or Carlina acaulis. photo: Vallée d'Ossoue. Campanule étalée, or Campanula patula. photo: Val du Louron. Campanule fluette, Elizabeth Oliver or Campanula cochlearifolia. photo: Gavarnie.

Common Ling, Callune vulgaire or Calluna vulgaris, probably. photo: Néouvielle.
Bachelor's Button, or Knautia Arvensis. photo: Gavarnie. Unidenfied. Pedicularis sp.? photo: Vallée d'Ansabère.

Unidenfitied violet. photo: Val du Louron. Aconit tue-loup, yellow wolfsbane or Aconitum vulparia. photo: Gavarnie. Stellaria graminea, lesser stitchwort or Karafuto Hosoba Hakobe, sans doute. photo: Val du Louron.

Unidenfitied. Anemone? peut-être. photo: Néouvielle. Unidenfitied. Œillet, Maiden Pink or Dianthus deltoides. photo: Néouvielle.

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