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we would like to thank among others :

  • BRAZIL M., for his "The Birds of Japan", Smithsonian Institution Press, 1991. - This regrettably underestimated book contains a rich resource of information about bird occurrences in Japan.
  • DOUGHTY, Ch., DAY, N., & PLANT, A. for their "Birds of the Solomons, Vanuatu & New Caledonia", Christopher Helm, London, 1999.
  • FEFELOV, Igor from Research Institute of Biology at Irkutsk State Univ., for his advice on Eastern Marsh-Harrier and Black-eared Kite.
  • Grimmett, R. Inskipp, C., and Inskipp, T., for their "A Guide To The Birds Of India", Princeton University Press, USA, 1999.
  • Grimmett, R. Inskipp, C., and Inskipp, T., for their "Birds of Bhutan", Christopher Helm, London, 1999. - A subset of the above, partly funded by WWF program.
  • HIEDA, Takashi, for his advice on grey heron identification.
  • HILTY, Steven L., for his "Birds of Venezuela" 2nd Ed., Princeton University Press, 2003.
  • The Japanese Society for Preservation of Birds, for its "A Guide for Bird Lovers", revised edition, 2002. - One of the most complete field guide to the birds of Japan.
  • JEYARAJASINGAM A., and PEARSON, A. for their "A Field Guide to the Birds of West Malaysia and Singapore", Oxford Univ. Press, USA, 1999.
  • MacKINNON, J and PHILLIPS, K. for their "A Field Guide To The Birds Of Borneo, Sumatra, Javva and Bali", Oxford University Press, USA, 1993.
  • MAYR, E. and DIAMOND J. for their "The Birds of Northern Melanesia", Oxford University Press, USA, 2001.
  • MacKINNON, J and PHILLIPS, K. for their "A Field Guide To The Birds Of China", Oxford University Press, USA, 2000.
  • Ministry of the Environment of Japan, for its "Nihon-san Cho-rui no Hannshoku-Bunpu (Distribution and Breeding of the Birds of Japan", Japan National Printing Bureau, 1981.
  • MONROE Jr., B.L. and SIBLEY, C.G., for their "A World Checklist of Birds", Yale University Press, 1993. - My book of reference.
  • MULLARNEY, K., SVENSSON, L., ZETTERSTROM, D. & GRANT, P.J., for their "Birds of Europe", translated into English by Christie, D., Princeton Uiversity Press, USA, 1999. - A monumental work that I admire the most. Perfect illustrations and excellent descriptions in a handy size.
  • NAKAMURA, N. and GYODA T., for their "Yacho Kensaku Sho Zukan (A Small Field Guide for Wildbird Identification", in 2 volumes, Kodansha, Tokyo, 1984. - Being out of print since long, this book is outstanding in its accurate yet expressive description on behavior of birds found in Japan.
  • OTTEMA, Otte, for his professional advices and identification of many birds in Suriname.
  • RIBOT, J.H. for his correction of my mistakes. His site is well worth the visit, with rich and unique online resources about Surinamese avifauna.
  • Parc Naturel Régional de Corse and Centre de Recherche Ornithologique de Provence for their "Rapaces Méditerranéens", Aix-en-Provence, 1981.
  • ROBSON, Craig for his "A Guide To The Birds Of Southeast Asia", Princeton University Press, USA, 2000.
  • Sekai Chourui-mei Benkyokai (Workshop on the bird names of the world), for their "World Bird List". - Japanese names used in this site are based on their proposal.
  • SIMPSON, K., DAY, N., and TRUSLER, P., for their "Birds of Australia", Princeton University Press, USA, 1984-1999. - Inarguably, one of the best field guide in the world.
  • TAKANO, Shinji for his "A Field Guide To The Birds Of Japan", Wild Bird Society Of Japan, 1995. - My best friend, since long. I still use this guide when travelling in Japan.
  • TOKANOU, T., for his "Wild Birds of Japan", Yamatokeikokusha, Japan, 1998. - Collection of many photos helpful in identifying Japanese birds.
  • UJIHARA, Osao and Michiaki for their "Kamome Shikibetu Handbook" (A Handbook for Seagull Identification), Bunichi Sogo Shuppan, Japan, 2000.
  • VAN SANDEN, Paul, from Belgium for his suggestion on serin.

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  • EMMONS, Louise H., for her "Neotropical Rainforest Mammals", The University of Chicago Press, 1999
  • FRANCIS, Ch. M., for his "Mammals Of South-East Asia", New Holland Publishers (UK), 2001
  • SHIRAI, Shohei, for his "Lexicon of the Mammal Names of the World", Hara Shobo, Tokyo, 1993. - Sweet fruit of laborious works. I'm always waiting for his next book covering reptiles.

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  • ASAHINA, S et al., for their "Iconographia Insectorum Japonicorum Colore Naturali Edita, Vol III", Hokuryukan, Japan.
  • BELOV, Vassili, for his advices on identification of coleopterans.
  • CORBET, A.S., PENDLEBURY H.M. and ELIOT, J.N., for their "The Butterflies of the Malay Peninsula", 3rd edition, The Malayan Nature Society, Kuala Lumpur, 1978.
  • d'ABRERA, Bernard, for his "Butterflies of South America", Hill House, Australia, 1984.
  • d'ABRERA, Bernard, for his "the Concise Atlas of Butterflies of the World", Hill House, London, 2001.
  • d'ABRERA, Bernard, for his "Butterflies of the Neotropical Region Part VI (Riodinidae)", Hill House, Australia, 1994.
  • EZAKI, T et al., for their "Moths of Japan in Color vol I & II", Hoikusha, Japan, 1971.
  • GOULET, H and HUBER, J.T., for their "Hymenoptera of the World", Centre for Land and Biological Resources Research, Ottawa, Canada, 1993.
  • HIELKEMA, Auke J., for his advices on identification of scarabs in Suriname.
  • INAYOSHI, Yutaka, for his advices on identification of butterflies in Thailand.
  • INOMATA, T, for his "Cho (Butterflies)", Yamatokeikokusha, Japan, 1995.
  • INOUE, K. and TANI, K., for their "Tombo No Subete (All About Dragonflies)", revised edition, Tombo Shuppan, Japan, 2002. - A good introduction to Japanese dragonflies.
  • ISSIKI, MUTUURA, YAMAMOTO and HATTORI, for their "Early Stage of Japanese Moths In Color, Vol. I and II", 7th ed., Hoikusha, Osaka, 1982.
  • JAPAN ANTS DATABASE GROUP, for its "Ants of Japan", Gakken, Japan, 2003.
  • KANAOKA-kun, for his advice on identification of Bia actorion.
  • KAWAZOE, A and WAKABAYASHI, M., for their "Colored Illustrations of The Butterflies In Japan", Hoikusha, Japan, 1976.
  • KERESZTES, Gabor, for his advices on wasps, termites, flies and other.
  • KIDO san, for his correction of my identification errors in this sector.
  • KOHNO K., from Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, for his help in identifying subtropical & tropical bugs.
  • KRISTENSEN, Niels P. et al., for their "Handbook of Zoology, Band 4, Part 35 - Lepidoptera, Moths and Butterflies, Vol1 : Evolution, Systematics and Biogeography", Walter de Gruyter, New York, 1998.
  • KUROSAWA, Y. and Watanabe, Y, for their "Kochu (Coleopteran)", in Outdoor Handbook series, Yamatokeikokusha, Japan, 1984. - Quality of photos is still outstanding.
  • LEWIS, H.L., for his "Butterflies of the World", Harrap, London, 1973. - The copy I bought from a U.S. secondhand bookstore has a stamp applied by an Indian company. It made around-the-world journey!
  • MOORE, John, for his advices on identification of butterflies of Thailand.
  • OHTSUKA K., for his "A Field Guide to the Butterflies of Borneo and South East Asia", Hornbill Books, Sabah, Malaysia, 2001.
  • SAVELA, Markku, for his helpful web site "Lepidoptera and other life forms". - A convenient on-line reference of insect taxonomy.
  • SHIMIZU, Haruka, for her advices on a termite and a leaf beetle.
  • Sundog, for his advices on identification of wasps and flies.
  • VANE-WRIGHT, Dick, for his advices on identification of New-World and African butterflies.
  • WILD, Alex, for his identification of many ants.
  • Husband of Yobesuke, taxonomist specialized in Asian butterflies, for his professional help in identifying Malaysian butterflies.

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  • ARNOLD, E.N., for his "Reptiles and Amphibians of Europe", Princeton University Press, US, 2002.
  • ESCANDON, R., for his advice on land hermit crab identification.
  • LESCURE, Jean and MARTY Christian, for their "Atlas des Amphibiens de Guyane", Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, 2000.
  • GASC, Jean-Pierre, for his "Les Lézards de Guyane", Ed. Raymond Chabaud, Paris, 1990.
  • de MASSARY, Jean-Christophe, for his "Les Lézards de Guyane", Ed. Roger Le Guen, l'Estéou, 2004.
  • NISHIMURA S., for his "Guide to Seashore Animals of Japan With Color Pictures and Keys, Vol I and II", Hoikusha, Japan, 1995.
  • STARACE, Fausto, for his "GUIDE des SERPENTS et AMBPHISBENES de GUYANE", Ibis Rouge, Guadeloupe, 1998.
  • TAKEDA M., for his "Ebi - Kani no Hanshoku Senryaku (Reproduction Strategies of the Crustacea)", Heibonsha, Japan, 1995. - offering a clear taxonomic overview about crustacea.
  • UCHIYAMA R. et al., for their "A Photographic Guide : Amphibians and Reptiles In Japan", Heibonsha, Japan, 2002
  • WILSON S., and SWAN G., for their "A Complete Guide To Reptiles of Australia", Reed New Holland, Sydney, 2003.
  • YAGINUMA, T., for his "Spiders of Japan in Color - New Edition", Hoikuha, Osaka, 1986.

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  • AICHELE, D., for his "Quelle est donc cette fleur?", Fernand Nathan, Paris, 1973. (French translation - original in german). - A good old friend of mine, since 70's.
  • van Andel, Tinde, from National Herbarium of the Netherland, for her identification of 10+ plants found in Suriname.
  • ENGEL, D.H. and PHUMMAI S., for their "Field Guide to Tropical Plants of Asia", Timber Press, Oregon, 2002.
  • Lilli-Ann Lindgren from Sweden for her help in identifying several species in "Plants" sector.
  • MAKINO T. and revision team, for their laborious "Revised Makino's Illustrated Flora In Colour", Hokuryukan, Tokyo, 1982 and 1997.
  • SHIMIZU N., MORITA H., HIROTA S., for their "Nippon Kika Shokubutsu Shashin Zukan" (Photo Guide of 600 Plant invaders in Japan), Zenkoku Nouson Kyoiku Kyokai, Tokyo, 2001.
  • SHIBATA J., at Braintrust, for his general help in this sector.
  • TOMINARI T. for his "Haru No Hana"(Flowers of Spring), "Natsu No Hana"(Flowers of Summer), and "Aki No Hana"(Flowers of Autumn), Yamato Keikokusha, Tokyo, 1974-1979. - A rare example where a useful field guide can be appreciated as a quality photo-essay.

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  • FELIX J., TOMAN J. and HISEK K., for their "Guide du Promeneur dans la Nature", Hatier, Paris, 1978 (French adaptation - original in Polish). - This swiss army knife is another old friend of mine. A good introduction to the European fauna and flora.
  • Ogasawara Nature & Environment Research Society, for their "Field Guide : Ogasawara no Shizen (Nature in Bonin Islands)", Kokin Shoin, Japan, 1992.
  • SEN Y.H., for his "ANIMALS - The Encyclopedia of Malaysia, volume III", Ed. Didier Millet, Singapore, 1998.
  • YOKOZUKA M., for his "Iriomotejima Field Guide", Jinrui Bunkasha, Japan, 2002. - I like much his personality emerging from his books.

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