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Our Policies

The main site and annex "wildlife portraits blog" share the same policies described here, except with regard to applicable Creative Commons License.


  • Our collections only comprise photographs of the lives we have actually encountered by chance. None of them was taken automatically.
  • We don't use any bait, scent, artificial roost, audio devices or other unfair method to lure birds or animals (In very rare cases where our companion used audio recording, a "" icon is placed below the picture). We often talk to them with our own whistle or voice, but never try to provoke mobbing.
  • Except for 'chained mammals' section, our collections do not comprise any animal in captivity. They may include, however, domesticated mammals freely walking, wandering or reposing at the time of our "meeting".
  • Similarly, you will only find plants and fungi growing wild. Rare exceptions include farm products like finger millet or rape flowers.

OUR PICTURES (revised July 2008)

  • We reserve any and all the rights about the pictures displayed in this site.
  • Creative Commons LicenseYou may however use the images published in this site subject to Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.1 Japan License.
  • Likewise, you may use the photo images displayed in "wildlife portraits blog" section, but under a different Creative Commons License. For details, see blog pages.
  • Unauthorized reproduction, copying, reusing etc. beyond the provisions contained in the said license is strictly prohibited. Those who want to use any of the images contained in this site in the manner not explictly permitted in the said license are requested to contact us, specifying the image and the purpose of its use.
  • For scientific, artistic and/or educational purposes only, we may provide images in electronic formats, including .psd, .jpg, .tif or others, in a larger format. Please ask for availability and details. Films are not available for lending, even if they exist.
  • To date, we have provided our images to NPOs for the conservation of nature, (not virtual :-)) museums, book publishers, scientific writers, TV programs, an out-of-door school, personal and commercial web sites, an amateur theater troupe, students, researchers, highschools, universities, etc.

LINKS & BOOKMARKS (modified Jan 2009)

  • We are in no position to restrict inbound links to our pages. Be aware, however, that most of our pages are designed as frame component and subject to URL change at any time. We will try to keep URLs of homepage, entrance pages and blog homepage unchanged as far as possible.
  • As from Jan 2010, the "official" URLs are as follows :
  • For link purposes, please use the respective domains. Sorry for frequent changes.


  • The museum does not contain any original taxonomic opinion. In fact, everything is based on published books and field guides or web sites, which include among others:
    • Sibley C.G. and Monroe Jr. B.L., (1993) "A World Checklist Of Birds", Yale University Press - for the Birds sector.
    • Shirai S., (1993) "Lexicon of the Mammal Names of the World", Hara Shobo - for the Mammals sector.
    • Jinbo, U. "List-MJ", or List of Moths of Japan, and N.P. Kristensen et al. "Handbook of Zoology Part 35 Vol.1" for lepidopteran.
  • Scientific and English names are also based on the above books.
  • An exhibition room does not always represent a monophyletic group.
  • A more complete list of references is found on our acknowledgment page (which is partly under construction).

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Creative Commons License

Images published in "personal museum of natural history" by nobuhisa & seiko takano are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.1 Japan License.

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