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Scenes where we saw them...

All the scenes are in Japan unless otherwise specified.
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Suginami, Tokyo Minami Daitô (South Borodino) Island (Feb.) Kita Daitô (North Borodino) Island (Feb.)

Djibouti City, Djibouti (Feb.) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Feb.) Hachijô Island (Mar.)

Futaoi Island, Yamaguchi (April) Yamanashi (June) Yamanashi (July)

O'ahu Island, Hawaii (July) Kauai Island, Hawaii (July) Central Mongolia (Aug)

Gobi, Mongolia (Aug) Yamanashi (Sep) Kagawa (Sep)

Yamanashi 2 (Sep) Nagano (Oct) Yamaguchi (Nov)


Nagano (Nov) Nagano (Dec)
Suginami, Tokyo Nagano (Jan.) Nagano (planned)

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