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Salamanders and Newts

This room displays photos of amphibians excluding frogs, like salamanders and newts.

Amphibia - Caudata

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Japanese Clawed Salamander, Hakone Sanshouo or Onychodactylus japonicus. photo: 08/1989, Fukushima, Japan. Blacked Salamander (Egg), Kuro Sanshouo or Hynobius nigrescens. photo: 05/2002, Nagano, Japan. Unidentified Salamander, or Sanshouo. photo: 05/2002, Nagano, Japan.

Japanese Fire-belly Newt [1][2(dead)], Akahara Yamori or Cynops pyrrhogaster. photo: 06/2007, Kyôto, Japan. back to upper category

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