Colors and Biogeographic Realms

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indicates the photos posted also on our photoblog (wildlife portrait archive) ;
indicates the identification being uncertain ;
indicates an introduced or re-introduced species ;
indicates the subject was dead when pictured ;
indicates a hybrid ;
indicates a chained or caged animal ;
indicates the photo taken with a trail camera ;
indicates the photo taken using a song/call recording (in spite of our policies below) ;
indicates the poto taken using bait (in spite of our policies below) ;
indicates a movie or slideshow; and
indicates a painting or drawing.
indicates a audio file.

Classification - Identification

The classification, common names and scientific names are based on 'Taxonomy in Flux (TiF)' by John H. Boyd III.

The identification of subspecies is based on location only in most of cases, and is therefore unreliable, inconsistent or even meaningless. It is added for fun only.

If you find errors, please contact site owner.

Our Policies

  • Our collections basically comprise photographs of the living creatures we have actually encountered by chance.
  • We don't use any bait, scent, artificial roost, audio devices or other unfair method to lure birds or animals except for some rare cases marked with relevant icons (We often talk / whistle to them with our own organs though).
  • Our collections include photos of domesticated animals freely walking, wandering or reposing at the time of our encounter. Animals in captivity are marked with the chain icon.
  • Similarly, you will only find plants and fungi growing wild. Rare exceptions include farm products like finger millet or rape flowers.

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Covering : Gaviidae


You may filter photos by family, location, genus, name, etc.

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    Common Loon (Gaviidae. Gavia immer). Photo : 05/2018, Thompson Is., ME, USA.
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We reserve all the rights to our works on this website. You may however copy or reuse the photos (which do not include site design, texts, drawings and paintings), subject to Creative Commons CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

Symbols & Colors

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