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The Museum is currently under renovation.
You can still browse our museum like always, but it has stopped being updated for the moment. The new website is scheduled to partly reopen by the end of 2019.

About Earthquake 3.11

THANKS for your support for those affected by terrible earthquake and tsunami that struck north Japan. THANKS also for your heartwarming messages to us (We are both OK).

About Fukushima Daiichi Nuke Plants

And sincerely SORRY for Japan's incapability of controlling nuke plants and our failure in overseeing their management system. SORRY deeply to all of you as well as every living thing on the Planet. [3/28/2011]

Welcome to our online museum of natural history.

photoblog wildlife portraits blogThis museum's annex in blog format is now renewed as "Wildlife Portrait Archive". While we keep our exhaustive approach with this main site, the annex will be more visual art oriented, treating always the same photographic subject. The text will be only in Japanese, but you can navigate and view images.

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Instead of displaying bones or stuffed dead animals, we offer you our collections of photographs, taken in Japan and other places including Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bhutan, Suriname, Namibia, Gabon, Polynesian Islands, France, Greece and Australia, among others. Every picture displayed here represents (in principle) an animal, a plant or a fungus we saw at a certain place on the globe, and at a certain moment in our life - so we named this site "personal museum" because its collections also consist of our personal favoritism, experiences and memories.

We are not birders or collectors who look all over the world for rarest species to make their "life list" more complete. Rather, we are usual walkers or travellers just looking for unexpected encounters. We take a photo simply when we feel happy to see something, and basically don't care how rare it is. That is why you find here many pictures of tree sparrow or house cat, and milk cow is displayed next to chamois. (For details of our policies, please click here).

At the moment, the museum contains 6 sectors and each sector has 4 to 65 galleries. Choose a sector from the list below to proceed further. For practical reasons, fungi and myxomycetes are found in "plants" sector for now.

[Last updated on Jan 1, 2017]

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birds mammals insects other animals plants/fungi landscapes

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