A new good news about the Cock-of-the-Rock

A young enthousiastic Saramaccan Bushnegro, named Fred Pansa, the director of Fredecotours, discovered 3 new leks in the area where he is building his lodges. One lek, with 3 active males, is just half an hour walking distance. Another lek has 10 active males.

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Boat-billed Herons breeding in center of Paramaribo

For more than 20 years there is a heron/egret colony in the center of Paramaribo near the mouth of the Sommelsdijckse Creek. Cattle Egret always has been the most numerous breeder with several hundreds of nests, but Little Blue Heron, Snowy Egret and Tricolored Heron are known to breed here from the beginning with in between 10 and 20 nests.

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Good news and bad news about the Cock-of-the-Rock

There is a good news and a bad news about the Cock-of-the-Rock.

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