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Number of guests :
2-4 people

Length of Period :
15 days

I have chosen this number of people, because I aim for high quality birdwatching, where all the participants have an equal chance of spotting the birds. I recommend 4 people, because then the quality is still high and the price affordable. Of course if you want to come with more people, you are free to do so, if you choose another period, and when I am available.

Guide :
Ashraf Tilburg
Ralf Boobo
(together with Otte H. Ottema on special request)

Date :
- February 3 to 17, 2024
- April 5 to 19, 2024
- April 15 to 29, 2024 (2 more spots left)
- August 15 to 29, 2024
- October 2 to 16, 2024

The dates are subject of change, because the KLM might change their flight schedules and is not flying on every day. People coming from North America can arrive any day. They usually arrive in the middle of the night. They may, if they choose, arrive a day earlier. The price then will become somewhat higher.

Prices :
per person
2 persons
3 persons
4 persons
Here above you see the 'all in' prices in Euros and US-dollars (14-8-22) for the total standard 15-day tour for 2- 4 people. Single rooms are only available at the EcoTorarica Hotel  for a higher price. Prices are subject to change.
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Ashraf Tilburg
Notes :

  1. From 1-1-20 on Ashraf Tilburg will be the principal guide. If you want I may join too, but I will not do more than 3 tours a year. We know where to find the birds, sometimes on the square meter exact. Our main strategy is: going to a good spot and wait for the birds. We also lure the birds with sound equipment .Sometimes we also go for walks to find birds , this strategy we use alot at Fredberg . From 16-11-19 on we will use a scope. Of course, you are free to bring your own. That our strategy is fine, has been proven by the fact that Nick Athanas, Fred Pansa (at the Fredberg), Ashraf Tilburg, me and 3 American birdwatchers broke the record of the highest number of bird species seen on a tour in Suriname. In April 2018 we found 410 species in 12 days. (see Bird News from Suriname)
  2. The behavior of the participants is very important. Before we start luring, you should find a good spot and stay there without moving. When someone spots the bird you should not go to him, because you might chase the bird away. We will continue luring and the bird will move, usually till everyone has seen it. Of course talking is not a good habit, while birdwatching. You should not dress colorful.
  3. Although this is not a photo-tour you are free to take pictures. The others should keep in mind that waiting for a photo does not decrease the chance of spotting many birds. A good bird may pop-up at any moment.
  4. In principle, we birdwatch from 7:00 am until 1:00 PM (13:00) and from 4:00 PM (16:00) until 7:00 PM (19:00). During the time in Paramaribo we will continue the whole day, because of practical reasons. We recommend our guests to take a nap during the afternoon hours in the interior. These are not very productive anyway. Although you are free to birdwatch on your own of course. I know from experience that people who are birdwatching the whole day will start feeling tired after 6 or 7 days.
  5. Because of logistical reasons payment will have to be done in advance. Our guests usually pay as soon as we have come to an agreement about itinerary and price. If you want you may pay half the price at once and sent me the rest one month before the tour starts. The only way a payment can be made is by bank transfer (wire transfer).


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  • Day 1


    Arrival International Airport, shopping for breakfast for day 2 and 3 in Zanderij village. Transportation to Cola Creek in 10 minutes by car. Dinner at Cola Creek.
  • Day 2

    Cola Creek

    7:00 AM birdwatching Cola Creek, (for info about the birds click here) breakfast 9:00. Birdwatching neigbourhood Cola Creek, 1:00 PM lunch in restaurant in Zanderij, 4:00 PM birdwatching around airstrip. Dinner 7:00 PM at Cola Creek. 8:00 PM Owling, Black-banded Owl.
  • Day 3

    Cola Creek

    breakfast 6:00 AM. Birdwatching near international airport, savannah and a path through savannah forest to the Para Creek 1:00 PM lunch in restaurant in Zanderij, 4:00 PM birdwatching around Cola creek. Dinner 7:00 PM at Cola Creek.
  • Day 4

    Brownsberg via Savannas

    breakfast 5:30. Dep. 6:00 to Powaka savannah and Phedra savannah. 1:00 PM Lunch at Brownsberg restaurant. 4:00 PM Birdwatching in the surroundings 7:00 PM dinner restaurant.
  • Day 5


    Birdwatching at the Brownsberg. Breakfasts, lunch and dinner in restaurant.
  • Day 6


    Birdwatching at the Brownsberg. Breakfasts, lunch and dinner in restaurant.
  • Day 7

    Brownsberg - Fredberg

    Morning birdwatching 7:00 AM, breakfast 8:00, birdwatching 9:00. Lunch 1:00 PM Departure 2:00 PM, 3;30 PM Arrival at Fredberg. 7:00 PM dinner at Fredberg. Overnighting in Lodge.
  • Day 8


    Birdwatching at Fredberg. Meals at restaurant.
  • Day 9


    Birdwatching at Fredberg. Meals at restaurant.
  • Day 10


    Birdwatching at Fredberg. Meals at restaurant.
  • Day 11

    Fredberg - Paramaribo

    Morning birdwatching near the lodges, lunch 1:00 PM. Departure to Paramaribo 2:00 PM, dinner at Chinese Restaurant, overnighting in EcoResort Hotel.
  • Day 12

    Paramaribo (Warapa Creek)

    Birdwatching by boat to Warapa Creek. Departure by car at 5:30 AM to Leonsberg. Departure by boat to Bakkie 6:00 AM. Arrival at Bakkie 7:30. Opportunity to go to restroom. Boattrip to Warapa Creek and the Ocean. Scarlet Ibis, Rufous Crab Hawk. (click here for info about the birds). Lunch at the beach around 12:00. Return to Bakkie depends on tide. Looking for Guyanan dolphin around 5:00 PM. Landing at Leonsberg 6:00 PM. Dinner in Chinese restaurant Chimin. Overnighting in EcoResort.
  • Day 13


    Breakfast 6:00 at hotel. 6:30 birdwatching SW Paramaribo, swamp birds, Least Bittern, Ash-throated Crake. Lunch 12:00 afternoon rest. Dinner 6:00 PM 7:00 PM Owling Peperpot, Black-banded Owl, Great Potoo, sleeping Green Ibis. Return hotel around 11:00 PM.
  • Day 14


    Birdwatching Paramaribo. Breakfast 6:00 AM at EcoResort. Departure to Peperpot 6:30, lunch in restaurant at 12:00. Departure to Weg naar Zee (road to the sea) 13:00. Return at hotel 6:30 PM. Dinner at Chimin. (click here for info about the birds). Overnighting in EcoResort.
  • Day 15


    Breakfast EcoResort. Departure at International Airport Zanderij , check EcoResort for departure time by bus. Transport by EcoResort or Ashraf Tilburg.
[photo ©] Collared Trogon by Nobuhisa Takano
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