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Price : $5,000 US per person.
Date : at your own choice

Prices are subject to change and on an "All In" basis. Everything mentioned in the itinerary is covered including transportation from the international airport at Zanderij and back. Alcoholic drinks are not included and single rooms can not be guaranteed.

Guide: Otte Ottema (English/French/German speaking ornithologist).


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  • Day 1

    Paramaribo - Overbridge

    Arrival at Paramaribo International Airport - Transfer to Overbridge.
  • Day 2


    Morning bird watching Powakka. Possibly Pale-bellied Mourner and Rufous-crowned Elaenia. Breakfast in bus. Lunch Overbridge. Afternoon birdwatching forest Overbridge.
  • Day 3

    Overbridge - Paramaribo - Raleighfalls (Foengoe Island)

    Depart Overbridge 4:30. Searching for Spot-tailed Nightjar in Accaribo. Breakfast in bus. Birdwatching in Cultuurtuin, Paramaribo. Lek Crimson-hooded Manakin. Lunch in bus. 13:00 Depart to Raleighfalls. Arrival 13:45. Resting. 16:00 Birdwatching Airstrip (Toucans, Macaws & Piping Guan).
  • Day 4

    Raleighfalls (Foengoe Island)

    6:30 Morning bird watching at Airstrip. 9:00 breakfast. Bird watching around Foengoe island.
  • Day 5

    Raleighfalls (Research Station)

    6:30 breakfast, 7:30 Hike to research station, where lunch 13:30. Afternoon Cock-of-the-Rock lek. Night in hammock camp research station.
  • Day 6

    Raleighfalls (Voltzberg - Foengoe)

    4:30 Breakfast, 5:00 hike to Voltzberg, sunrise on the mountain, rare swifts & Cliff Flycatcher. Afternoon hike to Foengoe Island.
  • Day 7

    Raleighfalls - Kappel (Tafelberg)

    Transfer Raleighfalls – Kappel savanna near the Table Mountain.
  • Day 8

    Kappel Savanna

    Birdwatching in savanna forest and forest. Searching for the rare and little known Pelzeln's Tody-Tyrant, which recently was found here. Good chance for Black Manakin, Saffron-crested Tyrant Manakin & Bronzy Jacamar.
  • Day 9

    Kappel Savanna

    Morning birdwatching savanna, Red-bellied Macaw, Blue-and-yellow Macaw, Point-tailed Palmcreeper & Black-billed thrush.
  • Day 10

    Kappel - Arapahu

    Transfer Kappel – Arapahu. During boat trip it will be difficult to miss the Drab Water-Tyrant.
  • Day 11


    Morning birdwatching in Muskita creek in dug out canoe. Green Ibis. Chance on all the 5 Kingfisher species & Sunbittern. Afternoon, Arapahu Island. Copper-tailed Hummingbird.
  • Day 12


    Birdwatching path opposite Arapahu. Band-tailed Antshrike.
  • Day 13


    Right river bank & Njun Presi bird watching in dug out canoe. Ladder-tailed Nightjar, Red-capped Cardinal.
  • Day 14

    Arapahu - Paramaribo

    Transfer Arapahu - Paramaribo. Afternoon free, resting or purchase souvenirs.
  • Day 15


    Breakfast in hotel. Depart 7:00 for Peperpot (Blood-colored Woodpecker & Arrowhead Piculet). Bird watching around Paramaribo & Weg near Zee, time depending tide, Rufous Crab Hawk and shorebirds. Lunch in bus. Dinner in restaurant.
  • Day 16


    Bird watching in Paramaribo. Afternoon leave Suriname.
[photos ©] Blood-Coloured Woodpecker
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