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Guide: Otte Ottema (English/French/German speaking ornithologist).

Price $4,800 US per person
Date : at your own choice.

Prices are subject to change and on an "All In" basis. Everything mentioned in the itinerary is covered including transportation from the international airport at Zanderij and back. Alcoholic drinks are not included and single rooms can not be guaranteed.


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  • Day 1

    Paramaribo - Overbridge

    Arrival at Paramaribo International Airport - Transfer to Overbridge.
  • Day 2


    Morning bird watching in Overbridge and forest; afternoon Savanna near Powakka (Pale-bellied Mourner).
  • Day 3

    Overbridge - Brownsberg

    Depart Overbridge 5:00, breakfast in bus; morning bird watching in Savanna near Phedra (Bronzy Jacamar, Black Manakin, Saffron-crested Tyrant-Manakin). Transfer to Brownsberg, lunch in bus.
  • Day 4+5


    Bird watching at plateau Brownsberg (Grey-winged Trumpeter, Red-and-Black Grosbeak).
  • Day 6

    Brownsberg - Paramaribo

    Morning bird watching, afternoon trip to Paramaribo (evening egret colony April - September), dinner Paramaribo.
  • Day 7

    Paramaribo - Raleighfalls (Foengoe Island)

    Breakfast in hotel. Depart 7:00 for Peperpot. Lunch 12:00 in hotel, transfer to airstrip 13:00, arrival at Foengoe Island 15:00. bird watching airstrip.
  • Day 8

    Raleighfalls (Research Station)

    6:30 Morning bird watching airstrip, 9:00 breakfast. 10:00 Hike to research station, lunch 13:30. Afternoon Cock-of-the-Rock lek (breeding period : December/March). Males present whole year. Night in hammock camp research station.
  • Day 9

    Raleighfalls (Voltzberg)

    4:30 Breakfast, 5:00 hike to Voltzberg, sunrise on the mountain, rare swifts & Cliff Flycatcher. Afternoon bird watching in surroundings.
  • Day 10

    Raleighfalls (Foengoe Island)

    Morning bird watching 2nd plateau, afternoon hike to Foengoe island.
  • Day 11

    Raleighfalls - Palumeu

    Morning bird watching Foengoe Island. Lunch at Foengoe Island. Afternoon depart by light aircraft for Palumeu southeast on the Tapanohoni River. Afternoon short walk to marshland. Good chance for Rufescent Tiger-Heron, Lesser Kiskadee and McConnell's Spinetail ; Sunbittern, Russet-crowned Crake and Amazonian Pygmy-Owl have also been noted. Dinner and overnight in rustic cabins in idyllic riverside setting.
  • Day 12


    After breakfast, depart on 45-minute boat ride for the Poti Hill trail, a two mile walk to an elevated outcrop in the north. Guianan Red Cotinga, Capuchinbird and Collared Trogon are likely species, while Band-tailed Antshrike, Crimson Fruitcrow, Cinnamon Neopipo and Harpy Eagle have all been seen. Picnic lunch, then return to base for later afternoon birding and viewing the Giant River Otter. Antbirds, Woodpeckers, Woodcreepers, Osprey and Green Ibis can be seen, and Pauraque Nightjar is a regular by the airfield.
  • Day 13


    Early morning departure by boat for the Kwepipan trail and possible sightings of Rusty-breasted Nunlet, Long-tailed and Red-billed Woodcreepers, and the rare Crested Eagle. Lunch at base, then cross river to the Rocktrail for Tiny Tyrant-Manakin and possibly Chestnut-belted Gnateater. Return to base by boat for dinner.
  • Day 14


    After breakfast, depart on 40-minute boat ride for the Mopo Hill Trail, a two mile walk to an elevated outcrop like Poti Hill. Here we will look for the birds which we missed at Poti Hill trail. Picnic lunch, and return to base for dinner.
  • Day 15

    Palumeu - Paramaribo

    Breakfast and transfer by light aircraft to Paramaribo, then bus to hotel. Arrive Residence Inn around lunch time. Afternoon for leisure or optional city sightseeing, bird watching or cultural appreciation.
  • Day 16


    Morning bird watching at Weg naar Zee (or buying souvenirs). Afternoon leave Suriname.
[photos ©] Thrush-like Antpitta by Candy McManiman
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