A new good news about the Cock-of-the-Rock

A young enthousiastic Saramaccan Bushnegro, named Fred Pansa, the director of Fredecotours, discovered 3 new leks in the area where he is building his lodges. One lek, with 3 active males, is just half an hour walking distance. Another lek has 10 active males.

This lek is 3 km away. In the same area there are also two territoria of the extremely rare Band-tailed Antshrike. We have visited his place, called the ‘Fredberg’ in November 2016 and saw many interesting species of birds including the already mentioned species and a couple of the rare Dusky-capped Flycatcher. Harpy Eagle has been spotted several times and Fred observed a Crimson Fruitcrow eating a lizard.

My standard 11-day tour will be changed into a 12 day tour. We will stay two nights near the Fredberg and one night less on the Brownsberg. Fred is building comfortable lodges for two persons. He has already a large Hammock-camp, a restaurant and a few lodges. Janauary 2017.
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